A useful cloud storage solution allowing you to keep a backup of your files online securely. I recommend you use this to keep important work and documents in a safe place in case anything happens! Download it now.


Endlessly loop YouTube video content – music, etc


Want to check what your website looks like in different browsers, browser versions and operating systems? BrowserShots is an invaluable free web developer resource!

Windows 7 Themes

DeviantArt.com has a lot of Windows 7 themes from users that create them.

IP to Nation – Resolve IP to Country

If you’re a moderator or administrator of a forum, this site is really useful. Allows you to resolve IPs to a specific country.

Directory List

If you’re looking for a directory list to submit your website or blog to, this website has thousands of directories listed for you to use.

WHOIS and Domain Availability Checker

Useful site as it not only displays WHOIS information, it also registration information, server information, etc.

Domain Forum

Into domains? NamePros is one of the largest domain-industry forums on the web.

Open Source Software Alternatives

Looking for free (and open source) software alternatives to proprietary applications? This website showcases open source software alternatives for major platforms including Linux distributions, Mac OS X and Windows.

Give Me PHP Codes!

Can’t figure out how to do something in PHP? This blog publishes regular articles with code examples – helping you save time, no less.